Garden Route International Film Festival

Arturo, photographer and film director, poses at one point in his professional career the moral dilemma of having portrayed for years a lot of anonymous people who have provided him with a livelihood (many times without even knowing they were photographed) , but of which he does not really know anything. The living room of his house has been adorned for years with the giant portrait of one of these people, a Cuban girl who photographed in a May Day commemoration in Cuba, who surely does not know that his face is serving as decoration in the nobody’s house It is proposed to look for it and know what has become of it.

Take a trip to Cuba to look for the girl, with the only reference of her photography. He is accompanied by his daughter Greta, and both of them travel around the island asking the inhabitants about the girl in the photo, which gives rise to their social and human reality. At the same time it is a journey of recognition and rethinking of their relationship.

The end is alternative and it will depend if we find the girl or not during the course of the shooting.