Call Me Miles

Garden Route International Film Festival

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Marguerite Robinson and Deon Maree’s child was a happy little girl. She was intelligent, curious, loving and content. They were proud parents and Afrikaans Girls’ High School in Pretoria could best develop their child’s potential. High school coincided with puberty and Miles Robinson felt increasingly uneasy in his environment and also in his own body. The carefree child turned into a morbid adolescent who, in self-rejection, resorted to self-harm (cutting) and repeatedly tried to take his own life. He was a boy in a girl’s body and hated himself.
Call me Miles is the story of a middle-class Afrikaans family with extraordinary challenges. It is a brutal story of shock, struggle, change and acceptance. It tells how ordinary people deal with their child’s trauma, pain, depression and self-hatred. The film cuts to the bone.
Call me Miles explores the life of a transgender individual from infancy to surgery where a total mastectomy was the only way out.
We meet his friends, also his best friend from nursery school who later emigrated to Brisbane. They played together as little girls and Lawrence, unaware of Miles’ circumstances, also went through a gender transition. They meet 12 years later as young transgender men.
Call me Miles is the story of change, the search for a happy future and the yearning to be accepted. It’s ultimately, a story of hope.