Möbius’ Trip

Garden Route International Film Festival

Playback Restricted:

US, UK, Netherlands




13 V

Jeremy Brandt is an agent on a mission to stop a man with a device containing a button that must not be pushed — but has been — resulting in an extensive chase. This leads to an electric struggle, against each other and ultimately for a solution to the greatest challenge anyone can face. This movie cleverly plays with genre in such a way that audiences are left discussing the implications of the story long after viewing it. It’s safe to say: this is a movie ONE MUST WATCH TO THE VERY END. [ Please note – Screener upload is the finished and complete movie: This is the final version, with the option of English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Greek subtitles. There are no other localization subtitles available as yet. This version is 4K; 4K DCP/delivery version available for exhibition (including with surround mix where desired). English SDH subtitles also available for exhibition. ]